House of cards

A House of Cards: repercussions: the school playground.


Last week, I made an enquire about the sale of a very expensive purchase, the seller came back with a very poor presentation, as the spend was considerable I wanted more detail.

The response was belligerent, their particular problems were: they could not up load photos.


I stood back and reflected.


Four days later, I received an update on a deal that, we, were working on for two months. The buyer was walking away.


This is not Time Warner and Fox. To most of us that is a big boys game, of Monopoly.


However, it was. My life earnings. So it is important to me.


The Ukraine / Russia situation was quite low level, until the idiot who pressed the launch button on the SAM site and brought down those poor travellers on that Malaysian airliner. My personal RIP to them all and the desperate feelings of those who are still waiting for the repatriation of their love one’s.


Now, we learn that the Air routes that overfly this area has been closed, this will add distance and time to the East – West air routes. Yet, another blow to Malaysia flag carrier.


Its hard to contemplate the Big picture when my government is taxing the pension they pay me for working for them all my life.


It is reported: There are over 1,500 East African migrants, amassed in France.

Wanting to come to my home.


Will this latest influx help pay my pension or be a burden like many before, still exporting their money to build there “Home” in other Eastern countries?


The French want the UK to move these people to the UK.


I have live outside my home country for years. Always managed to support myself, I am no burden on the country where I live.


Life is still like the school playground. But, who has teachers whistle.


What’s in a name:


The Mouflon (Single ‘F’) is a sure-footed mountain sheep with big horns that stand on the sheerest of slopes, pick their way around impossible rock faces with consummate ease.

They are typically found in a small herd of 6-7 sheep, dominated by a large Ram.

In the breeding season, the Ram seeks out “his” tree, it dominates the valley and when struck, the sound echo’s around for miles.

The Ram smashes his head into the tree repeatedly calling out to all Ram’s to fight and all ewes to rut.

Now, isn’t that like life.

Smashing you head against a lot of wall just to get a little reward.

PS. You do not have to ask, “What is the 2nd ‘F’ for”.

 1984                Rescue

2014                  Moufflon on Hard

Dad turn the volume down, they can hear it next door

Is it just me but:

It is a commonly held view that we all have a book in us! I wrote one, sent first few chapters to a few friends… nothing … they are too good friends to tell me what a load of cxxp it was.! Tom tells me I can do it myself, “watch this space”….

Inventing and crowd funding: because I was mad on shooting in the Army, I am now partially deaf, I discovered a processor (Chip) that amplified sound and it had a program that you could tweak it so it only works in the zone that I have a problem with. Like most over 50’s, I also need a bit of magnification to read the printed word….So, I thought, put the two together would be a neat answer, I did and they are great. Bit like a Lab test kit, but, they worked! Now I had proof of concept. The glass manufacture wants a minimum order of a 1,000 units also wants to charge for dies and set up cost…so now look for funding.

First call, Crowd funding, over the last year I found a lot of funding sites, 10+ have never replied! 5 Auto answered, 3 pointed out Google’s Patent for wearable electronic eye wear.

Its “N” pages covering ALL electronic eye ware by patent experts.

So without a patent you cannot get funding.

As an extension of the hearing glasses, I recognize that the partial, and profoundly deaf use lip-reading. Wouldn’t it be nice to use the heads up display technology (HUD) developed for fighter pilots to put a small ticker tape / sub tittles across your glasses so they could read what the speaker has said. They could “read” a Radio / TV / an announcement at Airport over the PA, translate from any language to your native language! WoW!

Forget it! Unless you are one of the giants and can take on the US courts.

I am not a great believe in patent’s, they stifle progress, and most government’s ignore them anyway . Yes, I know all about protecting your idea, but, in real life, its just not true.

The US robbed Europe for its nuclear bomb and rocket technology.

Japan took a leaf out of their book and undercut the electronic and toy industry’s worldwide. China funded thru the PLA has cornered the world resources and used its population to swamp the manufacturing market worldwide by ripping off patents.

Next, it will be India turn, and you would be a fool to ignore a re-emerging Russia.

So its a sad day for the development of hearing glasses that can translate sound into text.

All because Goggle want the world to buy glasses that can  you can browse the  web  invented and given for FREE, in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee.